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We believe in the people of our community and their inherent value. We believe they hold the key to their own success and future prosperity of our community.
Rooted In exists to empower people to reach their potential by creating a place of belonging, discover who they were created to be and outwork their purpose and contribution to their community.
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‘Think big and start small’
The courage to take big steps; the wisdom to tie your shoelaces first.
‘It is right to honour one another’
Being a community that’s not shy to encourage one another.
‘Everyone can be a contributor’
Standing up and bringing others with you.
‘We think inside the box’
Digging deep and finding the opportunities within.
‘Be known by what we are for’
Speaking up, being life and creating unity in a diverse community.
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Our long-term approach to service development and delivery.
Including as many people as possible through partnerships, promotion and outreach.
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Help each person uncover their identity, understand their value and discover their purpose.
Strengthen Family
Equip parents and carers with the skills to create a resilient family and a thriving home.
Build Community
Provide opportunities for families and individuals to come together, reduce isolation and segregation, and foster healthy relationships.
Equip to Achieve
Deliver skills development and training for adults, enabling them to build a long-term self-supporting lifestyle.
Community-led initiatives and enterprises that drive social change at a local level and generate profit for purpose.
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Successive generations rooted In Allerton. Each person working out their purpose and committed to play their part, building a life, family and community they are proud to call their own.
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Rooted In is a registered charity in England and Wales. Charity No. 1126786.

Administrative Address: 36 Rudding Avenue, Allerton, Bradford BD15 7DS


Phone: 01274 752285

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